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Dear Silk Painters, 

Hope you are all safe and well during this challenging and uncertain time as we adjust to this new “normal”. I miss seeing each of you weekly. I am very happy to receive pictures of finished work from some students, I would love to be able to share these with all of you with permission. Although we are suppose to practice social distancing, I would like to think of it as physically distancing but socially connected. I myself am trying to adjust with kids at home, adjusting to the lockdown and different ways of connecting with my real estate clients, and of course to connect with you all. I would like to keep you/each other motivated in staying creative. Although I understand some of the logistic challenges you have with silk painting is the space and supplies so this week I want to share with you what I do when I am not painting on silk.

Finding Inspiration From My Surroundings
I am grateful it is Spring and we are blessed with emerging blooms, warmer weather and birds singing everywhere. As you know, I love flowers and they are frequent subject of my paintings. Here are some pictures take from around my home and garden. 

This magnolia tree is the highlight of my Spring. I can see it from my bedroom window, it is spectacular, an instant mood lifter. I am sitting by my living room window with direct view of the tree as I know in a few days the blooms will be gone! I have never done magnolia on silk before so this will be on my to-do list. 

Forsythia is another flower that is in full bloom in my garden. Look at how beautiful the contrast is with the white blooms. 

Alternative to painting on Silk
I encourage you to sketch frequently to familiarize with your subject matter and I do what I preach. I did pencil sketches of some magnolia and forsythia blooms with reference to live specimens from the plant, from pictures taken with my phone and stock photos on Pinterest and a Google search. Sketching allows me to study the anatomy of the flower:

How many petals?
What’s the shape of the petals?
How are the petals arranged?
What’s the shape of buds and leaves? 

In addition of pencil sketches, I also did a painting with watercolor. Working with watercolor allows me to think about the color family and shades I use. 


So silk painters, even though you are not working on silk, you can work on your skills. Practice sketching and painting to help develop your skills, these skills will help you enjoy silk painting. Find your subject inspiration in your surrounding. Please keep socially connected even though distancing physically.

I am on FB and have a FB page: and on Instagram I am not very active on Social Media but I’m using this opportunity to be more active and sharing my work and my love of art. Please look me up and connect. I would love to hear from you what you would like to see more of from me. Taking a video is a challenge for me, I am enlisting my teen to help me so I hope soon I will be able to post videos. Please share your work with the group, whether it is silk painting or just a sketch, or just to say hello. Remember besides email here, you have my number and I would love to hear from you, call or text.  

Be well and stay safe and healthy,