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Hello My Friends,

I hope you are all feeling well and staying safe. While I am in quarantine at Broadmead and still recovering from surgery, I’ve been thinking about what I could suggest or provide for you that would broaden your knowledge and skills regarding the pastel medium. The answer, I believe, is the internet. There are a great many blogs and video demos available that cover a wide range of topics – painting techniques, products, and subject matter (landscape, seascape, cityscape, portraits and figures, and abstracts.) Blogs and videos by the following artists are particularly recommended. 

Karen Margulis
Karen is a landscape painter. She has a daily blog, called “Painting My World”, which contains a host of varied and useful information. She also produces many video demos, available on YouTube at no cost.  Karen is constantly testing new products and new ideas. The title of each blog and video tells you exactly what it’s about.

Christine Swann
Christine is a portrait painter. She has a very interesting weekly blog, which can be accessed on her website: I believe one can access past blogs, as well as current ones on her site and it’s well worth doing for her ideas on color and focal point. She is an excellent instructor.

Alain Picard
Alain paints portraits and landscapes in pastel. His blog and some videos are available on his website:

William Schneider
Bill is an excellent portrait and figure painter. On his website:, he has a very useful and informative collection of blog posts.

Jeanne Rosier Smith
Jeanne paints many different subjects, but is best known for her awesome paintings of waves, i.e., ocean waves. She has blog posts on her website:

Finally, here’s a source for short videos, produced by Of course they want to sell their feature length videos, but they offer free, short previews. The previews are anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes long and definitely worth watching. Check out the video previews of the following artists:Jeanne Rosier Smith – wave paintings. There are other YouTube video demos of hers, as well. (Do a google search)

Liz Haywood Sullivan  – painting skies; surface color and texture
Debora Stewart – abstracts
Dawn Emerson – pastel painting innovations; experimental techniques; dynamic pastel figures of Ghat women
Desmond O’Hagan – Pastel Painting Bold and Direct; Pastel Workshop: Paris street scene; Decoding Degas
Richard McKinley – Three stages for successful pastel paintings; Interview; Meet Richard McKinley. From another source there is “Richard McKinley Art”, a slideshow of many of Richard’s beautiful landscapes (Do a google search)

I think that’s enough to hold you for a while. If you’re painting at home, please send me a photo of your finished painting or work in progress. I’d be delighted to see it.

I miss you all!
Take care,