Payments by check may take up to three weeks to process. This means access to our Virtual Center, Personal Training, Tech Sessions, or any other paid service or program will not be accessible until your payment has been processed. It is for this reason that we HIGHLY recommended paying by card online or by calling 410-358-6856.

Subscriptions: We require a minimum of three months if paying by check. A trial will not be included and there are no refunds for subscription payments. For example, if paying for a Gold Subscription at the member rate of $36/month, you may send a check for $108. Please include the subscription type on the check. Your subscription will begin on the first day your account is ready to use and you will receive an email notification when your account setup is complete.

Checks can be mailed to: Myerberg Center, 3101 Fallstaff Road, Baltimore, MD 21209

Category: Billing