COVID-19 Vaccination

We’ve made some changes to our building hours and health and safety policies.

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  1. Once logged in to the Virtual Center, click the blue “Sign-Up” button for any programs you would like to attend.
  2. A box will pop-up. Click the green “Yes, Sign-Up” button.
  3. The class will now show a green bar and the words “You are registered to attend.” There will also be a grey “Join” button that includes the date and time you can join, which is 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin.
  4. When it is time to join, this button will turn blue and take you directly to the Zoom meeting.
  5. If you need the audio information, you can click the “Join Audio” button, which will be located next to “Join Video”.
  6. You can scroll to other days by clicking the orange buttons next to the date in the blue box.
  7. If a program is not included in your plan, it will say “This program is not included in your subscription plan. Please call to upgrade or pay a one-time fee.”

Watch this helpful video:

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