COVID-19 Update

Though our building is temporarily closed, we are offering over 40 weekly virtual programs! Click the "VIRTUAL CENTER" button below.

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Have a tech question about Zoom? CLICK HERE to learn more about Zoom.

How to join a Virtual Center Class:

  1. From your web browser (on a PC or Mac go to your internet app) from your device- tap on the internet, safari or google chrome app
  2. Enter the web address:
  3. Once on the main Myerberg page, Tap on “VIRTUAL CENTER”
  4. Tap on the day of the week for your class (example: MONDAY)
  5. Find your class by scrolling down the page
  6. Tap on the Line in green after you see the word “Join (with video)”

Still Need Help?

Please send an email to and our Technology Concierge will get back to you within one business day.