We offer one-on-one tech instruction on software and devices. Technology classes are onsite, virtual or hybrid.

Android Q&A

Bring your Android device and your PASSWORDS! Questions on how to operate this mobile device will be answered.

Apple Watch 101

Learn all the things you can do with an Apple Watch and how it’s different than your phone. Click the link below to read a story about how an Apple Watch saved someone’s life.

Florida grandma credits Apple Watch and neighbor for saving her life

Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL)

Did you know you can take out books online? Come learn how!

Best Apps

Come discuss which apps are the best to use and why.

Best of Pinterest

The world of Pinterest! So much fun. Join Jennifer & Melanie as they take you into the world where you can learn how to do anything, find any recipe or any diy project.

Check My Settings

What do I do with the settings on my phone? Why do I need to look at them? Join us and find out.

Cut the Cord

Let’s discuss how to get rid of that big cable bill. Want to find out how you can watch other TV channels? Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu are just a few.

Discover Facebook

Join the Facebook world. Learn how to update your profile picture, what is a wall? How do I send something in Messenger? Bring us all your Facebook questions.


What is eBay anyway? What can I do on there? How do I buy something? What is a bid? Learn this and more.

Entertainment Online

Discuss podcasts, Netflix, Youtube, House Party & games. There is a huge world of online entertainment just waiting for you.

Finance Apps: Paypal, Venmo & Zelle

Compare and contrast these 3 different financial platforms for transferring money online. Melanie let’s you know her preference.

Food, Glorious Food!

Learn how to order food online from restaurants, grocery stores, look up restaurant reviews, make dinner reservations online and more!

Google Apps

Google has a lot to offer. Learn how you can use Google apps and what they can do for you.

How to Organize & Manage your Apps

There are so many apps on my phone! What do I do? How do I organize them? Which ones are the best?

iPhone/iPad Q&A

Bring your Apple device (iPhone/iPad) and your PASSWORDS! Questions on how to operate this mobile device will be answered.

Life Beyond Zoom

House Party Anyone? Caribu? Online Games? Etc.! Join us to find out about ways to enhance and enrich your online experiences!

Picture This

How do you take a selfie? What other settings does my phone have on my camera? Learn the best way to organize your photos and how to do some quick easy editing.

Save $$$ Shopping Online

Learn the best ways to save money shopping online. Understand which apps help you save money and which apps actually pay you when you shop.

Shopping & Safety Online

What things should you do online in order to stay safe? Which apps have better security in place? What is the safest way to pay?

Smart TV

Learn all the fun shows you can watch on your smart tv. What do you do with that remote control and what are all these buttons. We can help you figure it out!

Social Media

There are so many apps where you can be social. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, are Facebook are just a few. Learn about the world of social media.

Using Shutterfly

Shutterfly stores your digital pictures for free. Learn all the amazing things you can do with your photos in this app and all the great gifts you can create for friends and family.

Wellness on the Web

Almost all doctors now have patient portals. Learn what you can do on them including sending messages to your doctor, paying invoices and making appointments.

Zoom Q&A

Have you zoomed yet? Learn a few of the things you can do on zoom as a participant. Bring us all your questions.

One-on-One Sessions

Do you need help with your new device or learning to be more tech-savvy? Sign up for a one-on-one session with our Technology Concierge, Melanie Waxman, to help you with all things technology.

Onsite Tech Support